Each year there is always talk about color. The question always comes up with what colors will be popular in the new year. It all starts so early you can barely keep it straight what colors will be headlining from one year to the next. The one certain thing is that we always want and need to know what the new “It” color or colors will be. So, let us see what the new trending color will be for 2020.

I think that a good way to talk about color is to break it down into two categories. These two categories will be interiors and fashion. Think about just because we would wear a color that doesn’t mean we would like it for our homes and vice versa.


  1. Flame Scarlet – This is a fiery, bright shade of red that will make a statement.
  2. Faded Denim – This soft shade of blue is comfy and cozy, just like that pair of worn blue jeans that everyone has in their closet.
  3. Biscay Green – This is a soft aqua infused green, which is a refreshing break from the strong lime green tones that have been popular.
  4. Coral Pink – This is a mix of soft pink and bright coral.
  5. Saffron – The bold orangey-yellow color is rich and vibrant
  6. Chive- The strong and bold green color just like the herb
  7. White – This tried and true neutral can be done in various shades and worn throughout the year.


  1. Dusty Lilac – A soft subtle purple with a vintage flair and feeling.
  2. Charismatic – A bold bright yellow that makes you feel joy and excitement
  3. Red Pepper – Another bold and bright color but this is red
  4. Back to Nature – This is a soft green which brings the soft outdoor colors inside
  5. Mushroom – This can almost be thought of as a soft white but mixed with beige.
  6. White – You can never go too far from a good old standard white
  7. Orange – This won’t be a bright orange but more like a burnt orange.

These are just a few of the interior and fashion colors that will be trending this year. There will be others that will come out at different seasons. You can tell by looking at the two categories that there will be a lot of white, blue, and greens throughout the year. Have fun with the color.