As we prepare for the New Year, the one thing that comes to mind is making sure that you have a clean and uncluttered space to begin the New Year. There is something to be said about having a nice tidy space before you start a whole new year, and this year is even more special because we start a new decade. Here are a few tips for making that happen, which will also help you keep it that way. You want to give yourself enough time don’t think that you are going to get all this done in one day. The next tip is to Start Small – Pick a spot and stay there until it is done, for example, say you begin with your dresser do all the items that you have to do with your dresser like throw out clothes, fix drawer pulls or handles, fold clothes and organized pieces. Do not move to the next space or spot until you are finished with that dresser. You will give yourself more work if you do, and then you will get overwhelmed.

Storage Solutions – The most common mistake is that you don’t make sure that every item in your home has a home. In other words, make sure that there is a place for each item that you plan on keeping. If you have a small space, then you need to find storage solutions that serve multiple purposes.

Throw it Out – If you can not find a home for it or have not worn it or used it in over three months, then it is time to throw it out. It would be much better served if you donate it to charity or either just simply trashing it. It is not doing you any good just taking up valuable real estate.

Finally, when all else fails to Hire an Expert. Sometimes you must leave it to the professionals. They can come in an assist you in getting the job done, especially when it comes to decluttering because they do not have an emotional attachment to your things. We keep things a lot of the time because they mean so much to us either because someone we care about gave them to us or because we feel like we spent our hard-earned money. By having someone else that knows what they are doing come in, it takes that out of the way, which saves us time and aggravation.

So, get your plan in place for your clean and organized space or better yet let a pro do it. “Happy New Year Cleaning.”