Your bachelor pad is a direct reflection of your life. However, it might not be displaying what you think it does. In fact, you might come across to women as a teenager who hasn’t changed anything in his room since high school and is waiting for his mom to come home to pick up after him.

Don’t be that guy! When you bring home that special someone, the last thing you want her to see is the lawn chairs that you have to watch TV on instead of a sofa or your bathroom that barely has more than a shower curtain.

Trust me, she will notice even if she says it’s no big deal.

So even if you don’t really think it’s a big deal, the truth is that having a stylish bachelor pad makes you a lot sexier to women, and here’s why.

Women Want You to Make the Effort

When it comes to dating, women want you to put in some effort. However, this doesn’t only apply when you plan dates, it also applies to how your space looks when she comes over to hang out with you.

If your space is put together (and there’s no need to be fancy), it shows effort and communicates to them the type of person that you are.

Make a Good First Impression

Who wants to walk into a cluttered home that smells like dirty gym socks? Most people don’t. So if you wish your lady friend to stay instead of bolting for the door, a clean and well-kept bachelor pad will surely draw her in.

You also have to keep in mind that you only get one chance to make an excellent first impression. If you blow it on a problem that you could have easily fixed (your place), it’s going to be pretty hard to turn things around. Every time she looks at you from then on, she’ll be thinking about how different you seem in your regular life from the guy you were when she met you.

Show That You’re a Man of Habits and Passion

Having a stylish bachelor pad shows that you have habits and specific passions. By giving women a glimpse of who you are through how you choose to design your home, you will make them feel safer and closer to you.