When you first started to acquire stuff for your new home, you probably had a vision. Whether that vision was to make your home merely livable or your own private sanctuary, you had something specific in mind.

However, are you in love with your home now? Do the things around you speak to you? How does your home make you feel?

Home is an extension of ourselves. It’s where the magic happens, and it should be much more than just where we lay our heads every night to rest. If you want your home to be the space you’ve always envisioned in your mind, here is how you can bring your vision to life.

Connect to Your Ideals

Our homes are where we create, love, raise children, teach, and learn. It’s the space in which we hold our energy, our dreams, and our emotions. So the first thing you have to ask yourself is, what do you really want from life, and how will your home help you to achieve it?

I always encourage my clients to reflect on their life experiences when deciding how to personalize their homes. Whether you’ve always wanted a personal art studio or a Japanese-style minimalist aesthetic, the home of your dreams is possible when you focus on what you really want from life.

Your Mood

How we keep our homes has a significant impact on how we feel. If your home is cluttered with things you don’t need or features that don’t really meet your daily needs, it can leave you feeling down.

On the other hand, your home might be good enough as is, but it really isn’t helping you grow as a person or improve your productivity. In this case, it may be time to rethink the design of your home and instead start promoting it with new features.

Make It Fun, Experiment!

The remarkable thing about personalizing your home is that you can do it over and over again. Now is the time to try something new!

Look at your closet and see what colors you tend to buy. Are you a person who loves neutrals? Are pastels and bold colors more your thing? These are now your starting points for choosing new furniture and paint colors.

Daydream About It

It’s always important to allow your mind to wander when it comes to trying to figure out what you would love most in your home. Set up a Pinterest board and start pinning items that look interesting to you. They don’t have to fit together in any way. You can simply choose items and designs that appeal to you for any reason.

Pay Attention to the Things You Collect

Finally, you should pay close attention to things that you have already accepted into your home. Your personal collections and artwork say a lot about who you are. These are the items that you would never get rid of even if you had to make some tough choices about what to keep for your new home.