The New Year is upon us, and the new trends are starting to show there impeccably designed face. Let’s look at some of the upcoming interior design trends of 2020. We will talk about what we are calling it and how to put it or have a professional put it all together. The first one is what they call Abstract Energy, which is the mix of bold geometrics with blocks of color and hand-drawn elements. You would create this look by looking to strike a mood that is free-flowing and fun-loving using pops of bold color and sketched personalized elements. The next trend is Structured Simplicity, which is classic neutral, and elegant. It is comfy and cozy without being messy. Another new look is Comfortably Honest, which is just as it says very comfortable and great for late fall and winter when you want to snuggle up and get cozy and add layers while you are at home. You get this look by using soft textures and simple colors.

A bolder interior design trend is Eclectic Glamour. This look is created by mixing the sophisticated style of the 1930s and the over the top glamour and sassy style of the 1970s. You would have shapely and curvy furniture and bold in your face colors and textures. A new mix is on the horizon called Japani, which is a unity of Scandinavian Rustic Style and Japanese Minimalism. These two styles mix the clean lines, and soft colors with a less is more look.

The new interior design trends coming in 2020 gives a wide range of different feelings and looks. Each of these styles can be used in any space within your home. You can create take one of these styles and build a comfortable new look in throughout your whole house or mix it up and make different looks in each space. You also do not have to commit to any look fully, but take the different elements from each new trend and use it. The possibilities are endless. So, look at your wants, needs, and feelings, and go design.