Real estate and interior design have always worked in unison. Developers, flippers, and real estate agents rely on design experts to make a listing stand out or design an enticing model unit that will appeal to prospective buyers. In return, interior designers benefit in the form of referrals.

However, in recent years, hiring an interior designer has become less of a perk and more of an essential when it comes to marketing real estate. Real estate professionals want to save as much as possible while increasing their margins.

From the client’s perspective, quality design is increasingly becoming an expectation, not a luxury perk thanks to the proliferation of home design websites and TV shows. If you want to ensure that your business can consistently provide what your clients are looking for, an interior designer can help in the following ways:

Save Time

Most real estate deals are time-sensitive thanks to changing market conditions. As a result, you want to get a property ready to move as quickly as you can. What’s the best way to make sure that this happens? Pass these tasks on to the professionals.

An interior designer will line up the necessary contractors, handle product sourcing and communication, and give expert advice. There will be no more worrying about how you will make everything come together on your own while still meeting your project timeline and budget.

Hiring an interior designer also saves time on product research. You’ll get a wider variety of exciting products. More importantly, they are experts at creative ways to use commonly used products to make an impression (wow factor).

When to hire an interior designer? You should hire an interior designer from the beginning phase of the project. Interior designers can help with the internal layout of the property and give suggestions on how to create a space that is user-friendly, furniture friendly, and maximizes the space. If you need something more upscale, they can add attractive architectural detailing before framing starts.

Add Value

Want your new build or home renovation to stand out from other listings? Want to sell faster? Want to build a recognizable brand?

Hiring an interior designer will give you all that and more. People expect interior design, and they buy because of it. They want more than just walls with gray paint and white kitchens.

With an interior design so easily accessible to the public via social media, it’s even harder to grab the attention of prospective buyers who have likely already created Pinterest boards of their dream home designs and can recognize quality interior design. These clients are smart, savvy, and well informed. Today’s homebuyers understand interior design more than ever before.

Home staging is another aspect that has been proven to increase home values. At this point, staging is essential to the buyer experience. Homes without home staging are likely to stay on the market longer, receive fewer offers, and sell at lower margins.

Of course, the boost that home staging provides depends on the market. However, for the most part, people want to imagine what a home would feel and look like fully furnished. 

Tell a Story

As a builder, developer, and real estate investor, you know that marketing a property isn’t only the numbers. It’s also about the emotional connection that it creates for the potential buyer. The best way to help create an emotional connection to a property for a buyer is to tell a story.

Interior designers are storytellers and experience enhancers. They can add value by creating a connection and experience for the buyers. With quality interior design, a house becomes a home and a place to build memories.

Multiple Ways to Work With Designers

Working with an interior designer isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, there are many different ways to work with designers. With my services, you can choose from consultation-based, fixed price per square foot package. I am also able to provide customized designs for each project based on the brand, market, budget. No design will ever be repeated.