Did you know that man caves are like therapy for men? I’m just kidding, but having a garage man cave for is sure to make you happy. Mancaves give you the freedom to be yourself and enjoy a personal space that is your very own. Sometimes, you just need a space to wind down in and relax.

However, for some households, the only space that could serve as a man cave in the house is a garage. So should you convert your garage into a man cave? Here are some things to consider before redesigning your garage as a man cave.

You Park Your Vehicles There

If you love cars and want a way to show off your cars or bikes, then a garage man cave is perfect for you! By displaying what you’ve bought or are currently working on, you can feel proud of your accomplishments. Your garage mancave will allow you to work and play in the same space. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy a beer with the guys and share the latest updates on those repairs you’ve been working on!

Plan to Plug Things In

Whether you’re into tools or electronics, plan to have plenty of electrical outlets. This will reduce the hassle of extension cords and or the expense of rewiring work. You should make it as flexible as possible to enjoy whatever hobbies you like the most. This is also helpful if your ideas of what is fun in your mancave change from month to month.

Consider Your Collections

Chances are that you probably already have a bunch of boxes sitting in the garage already. I always recommend to my clients that they use these collections as a starting point for the type of man cave that they’d like to design. Whether you’re into collecting sports memorabilia or movie posters, make the garage man cave into a unique space where you can show off your collections, passions, and personality.


The mancave is supposed to be a convenient place to entertain. As a result, you’ll want to consider at least the basics like installing a fridge or bar so that nobody has to run back and forth into the house for important essentials like food and drinks.

Figure Out What You Want

The most important thing to keep in mind is this space is for you, and only you! So before you get started with your garage man cave renovation, make sure that you figure out what it is that you actually want. Are you being pushed out of the house and want some dedicated space for your woodworking projects? Well, then, that’s an excellent place to start. If having your own home bar will make your man cave the best in the neighborhood, then go with that! You deserve it!