E-Design, also known as “virtual design,” it is an online interior design that allows clients to create a custom space without having to engage us for full-service interior design. With E-Design, you will be able to envision how your area will look and receive a custom step-by-step plan for how we can create a professionally designed space that means your requirements.

How Does E-Design Work?

This process helps us understand and implement your E-Design project with greater efficiency and accuracy. To help you get started, here is what is involved:

Step #1: Virtual Consultation

The first step to discussing your interior design project is to conduct a virtual consultation where we will discuss your wants and needs. You’ll need to submit any information that you have about how you’d like your project to proceed, including Pinterest boards, pictures, and measurements. We’ll also have you submit a questionnaire so that we have a clear understanding of your requirements and budget.

Step #2: Design Package

After you submit the details from Step #1 and your payment, we will commence the research and design. In approximately 2-3 weeks, you will receive a design package via email where you can see all of the designs and product information. This design package will include information about the product options, color schemes, and detailed plan (e.g., furniture layout, millwork, drawings, and tile layout).

Step #3: Shopping List

Depending on the project, you will also receive the details of what to do next to implement the plan. Such as what to purchase, how to hire contractors and more. We may also approve products to order and start with getting bids and managing the project on your behalf for an additional fee.

What Are the Benefits of E-Design?

E-Design offers many benefits. The biggest of all: we can design for any client no matter location. E-Design is a cost-effective solution for people who have the contractors or want to do the job themselves but need guidance on a concept, design, product, and how to bring it all together.

Secondly, E-Design is affordable. Unlike traditional interior design, E-Design allows clients to work on the project in phases, depending on their budget and timeline. With E-Design, you can gradually improve your project as exterior circumstances allow, without the pressure of taking on a full-service interior design firm.