For builders/ developers: how working with an interior designer adds value to your flip, spec home project. I have 6 years of experience working with luxury builders.

Interior Designers Partnership with Luxury Builders

Do you want to add value to your listed properties?

Do you want to stand out from all the properties in the market?

Do you want above-average design and quality in your projects?

Do you want to maximize your profit margin?

Do you want to wow your sellers?

Do you want to have unique product selections in your property?

Do you want to streamline the process and save on change orders?

Craft House Interiors offers its expertise to develop your property/project and give it that oomph factor, the little extra that will make the difference with your builder competitors. Whatever the type of property and the project methodology, the team will offer you all the tips that will make your property attractive to the ads, but also a luxury experience from concept to creation.

Let’s be honest. There are many reasons to work with an interior designer. The first, of course, is to make your interior more pleasant, more beautiful, and more comfortable. The main reason is to elevate the property from an average property to a custom, luxurious, unique property that attracts more high-end buyers. To sell quicker and to attract the clients in the market for a custom design. To design a space that makes an impact, that people can remember and want to live in.

Planning advice

We at Craft House Interiors can accompany you through a provision of advice in layout, flow, and space allocation with architectural plan revisions in context with the functionality of the property. Our designers are experts in the estimation, pre-construction, and construction management specific to the property and clients themselves. Through an appointment in your property, the team will make an inventory of its operation, its strengths, and its weaknesses, to offer you a report in terms of layout and decoration. Thus, you will have an external vision and different keys to rethink your property.

Design and rearrangement of space

If you wish to go further, our interior designers offer to assist you in the complete realization of your property.  We at Craft House Interiors are a team of cohesive nature; we try to estimates type of work needs to be done on the property and evaluate the costs more efficiently and are fine-tuned the whole process of designing and rearranging the space which traditionally was a disjointed process between architect and builders. We are with you from start to finish. Through a study, design plans, and a follow-up of the works, the Craft House interior design team will deliver you ‘turnkey’ your property for better offers. The team will follow up on the delivery, which ensures you a good quality and meets the initial expectations.

Our services:

our designers bring you a professional vision to make your property a successful a soulful asset!

Our dynamic, experienced team provide specific document packages in the following areas:

Why us

We can help our Luxury builders if:

We can support you in all of these matters and help you execute it from the architectural phase through completion.

The process

Here are the main stages of the process:

  1. Professional advice and architectural proposal based on plans

We start by laying the foundation of the property through working on architectural plans. We charge per square feet, flat fee.

We try to incorporate and understand your development or ongoing building project proposal.

We try our best to consider your needs in terms of space, function, and flow in the plan but also your client’s choice and requirements.

The result:

Our work at Craft House Interior goes beyond individual details as we offer you a partnership. The time can be long between the design of the first floorboards and the final result! But we maintain our enthusiasm, idealism, creativity, and professionalism to the end to create a home where your customers cannot wait to live and prosper.

And finally, we have engaged in this partnership to satisfy your clientele.

If you are a builder or you want to consult an interior designer, or maybe you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to answer you as best as possible.